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Uses of English verb forms - Wikipedia In a passive use, an object or preposition complement becomes zero, the gap being understood to be filled by the noun phrase the participle modifies (compare similar uses of the to-infinitive above).

Action and Linking Verbs - New York Essays This will enable the instructor to assess how the students use linking verbs (especially in the descriptive essay) and action verbs (in the narration essay). After the students have finished constructing the essays, they will be instructed to identify the action verbs and linking verbs they have used in the essays. Easy Words to Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better Essays ... You can replace the "am" with a more active verb which describes what you are saying. You can also add an adverb (word ending in "ly" which describes the verb). A final way to vary your word choice is to add some of these sentence starters. Cutting Unnecessary Words - EssayJolt

How can I replace the word you in an essay?Replace linking verbs with words that convey action to create more vivid,... Related Articles.These verbs have an important function in the English language since they help writers indicate temporal relationships between ideas.

Let's Talk is a convenient way to learn English that combines audio and Video lessons. Our mission is simple: to make learning easier by taking advantage of ... What to Replace "Be" Verbs With in Essays | The Classroom Replace linking verbs with words that convey action to create more vivid, effective writing. Action verbs include words like "walk," "drives" and "sang." Substituting action verbs for "be" verbs leads to better and more descriptive writing because it gets straight to the point, thereby minimizing wordiness, and is less repetitive. PDF To be or not To be REPLACING TO BE VERBS - stlcc.edu

However, most of us rely too heavily on to be verbs or use them unconsciously. To be. verbs lack the vigor and power . offered by stronger, more-action packed verbs. As a result, our writing suffers. Try the techniques below to invigorate your prose. 1. Replace the to be verb with a stronger, more specific verb: Weak & Wordy Strong & Specific

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Is It OK to Switch Verb Tenses? But my example opened up another issue for Luther, also known as the Grammar Geek, who wrote on his blog , "I am instantly drawn to the mismatch between 'was' and 'will be,' which breaks my first commandment of grammar.

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"To be, or not to be?" Not is usually the answer. Eliminate the verb "to be." This basic writing and revision tip you'll hear all over the place, although much of the advice I've read is missing important points—or at least points that I consider important. PDF Lesson 3: Learn Paraphrase Writing by Changing Nouns to Verbs Lesson 3: Paraphrase by Changing Nouns to Verbs Possible answers. 2 1. This essay analyzes climate change and describes a potential solution. 2. The Korean President did not explain the pardon of his business friend. 3. Our class debated the issue of nuclear weapons. 4. We reviewed the company's annual reports. 5.

Notice that you can change your rhetorical questions into statements and still use them effectively in an essay. 5. Place adverbs within the verb Adverbs should be placed within the verb group rather than in the initial or final positions. "To Be" Verb Finder - jfein.net Copy and paste your essay below, then click on or double-click on the textbox. All of your to be verbs should highlight in a red color and bolded font. If it highlights a contraction that doesn't look like a to be verb, then it's more than likely a contraction for one (e.g., it's means it is). 21 Words to Use in Your Essays to Impress Your English ... But "reasons" will most likely engender success when you employ the verb form of the word to replace "thinks". A myriad of instances come up when writing an essay where you'll need to describe what a person thinks, but we all know variety is a salient component of every good essay! How to Improve Your Writing: Eliminate Prepositions | Wordvice